The Saying that hair is a woman’s crowning glory is indeed very true... Because a woman's appearance, is immediately uplifted by the crown and her head.

Like everything in fashion, hairstyles come and go and so in age, what styles are in vogue?

Allure's Carol Arhere wrote that braids and cornrows have become a popular alternative for Africa's fashion conscious women.

BRAIDS and cornrows have been around for years, they have remained popular because they are cheap to maintain and they are versatile. They allow the wearer to do several styles creating different exciting looks.

Braids and cornrows are with many ladies because they give the wearer's natural hair time to recover from the rigors of relaxers and other chemical products.

In recent times, more woman and even men have turned to braids and cornrows.

Braiding involves taking three strands of hair, starting at the scalp, and over laying one strand on another, until the desire effect is created.

While cornrows are braids under woven to lie flat on the head and then sculpted into simple or complex parting and sectioning. There are different types of braids and cornrows.

Straight braid also called Bob Marley:
This braid is perfect on coarse hair because of its

texture. It can be done in several ways depending
on the choice of the wearer. It can be: fish tails, or
packed together to form ponytail at the back or
dropped around the shoulders.

Ghana weaving:
This hairstyle is also suitable for coarse hair
because it allows the braider to pull the hair tighter,
without causing any damage or breakage to the
hair. The hair piece used for this hair style is mostly

Water melon:
Pick and drop braids as it is popularly called. This
style takes longer hours, because of the various
procedures in achieving the style. It looks more
beautiful on the wearer and lasts longer. Synthetic
hairpiece is also suitable for this hairstyle.

Kinky braids:
These are won by both men women. It can be
made with the original kinky braids or with any other
good hairpiece.
Cornrows on the other hand are worn by both men
and women as well; we have the all back cornrows.

Basket weaving also known as Alicia keys:
This style is made with little or no hairpiece there is
also the splitting pattern, which involves the use of
more hair piece to create the desired pattern.

Presently, attention is drawn to water melon
hairstyle. This style is making waves because, of
it's durability and comfort. Water melon hairstyle is
in vogue because it is light and very convenient to
Braids generally is a popular hairstyle, because it
allows air to circulate to the scalp and helps to keep
the wearer cool.
So to have the sassy update look this season, join
the braids wagon with these look.

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